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Ulhas Buyão (June 21, 1944 - April 16, 2007) was a songwriter and singer who played a prominent role during the 1967 Opinion Poll in support of the anti-merger movement. He composed and sang the song Chan'neache Rati (which was written by Uday Bhembre) during that period. He also wrote and acted in several Marathi and Konkani plays. We present below some of the original versions of his songs.

Chan'neache Rati:

Hanv Baba Novro:

Goenchea Mhojea Goenkarano:

Colva Io:

Io Go Tum Manddar:

Mungllurachea Xarant:

Mangi Songs

No collection of Konkani songs would be complete without the inclusion of melodious songs sung by our cousins from south of the border - the Mangaloreans (affectionately known as Mangis). Here we present some of the well-known Mangi songs. These are the original recordings.

Anjea Sarkem Cheddum (Jerome D'Souza):

Xegunnachi Sun (Jerome D'Souza, Lourdes Colaço):

Mhaka Ghunvddailo (Jerome D'Souza):

Gopant Tujea Nachoi Mhaka (Jerome D'Souza, Lourdes Colaço, Agnes D'Souza):

Chinchpokli (Jerome D'Souza & Chorus):

Nach Moga Nach (Jerome D'Souza, Lourdes Colaço):

Taxiwala (Jerome D'Souza & Chorus):

Dubai Porto Vetam (Jerome D'Souza & Lourdes Colaço):

Sobit Bomboi (Jerome D'Souza & Agnes D'Souza):

Thoddo Thoddo Paus (Jerome D'Souza & Lourdes Colaço):

Eka Dolleachi Bail (Jerome D'Souza & Lourdes Colaço):

Fugrem Natal (Jerome D'Souza):

Doddem Kazar (Jerome D'Souza):

Ye Ye Katrina (Henry D'Souza & Helen D'Cruz):

Sezari (Henry D'Souza & Frank D'Silva):

Gharacho Divo (Henry D'Souza & Helen D'Cruz):

Prem (Henry D'Souza & Helen D'Cruz):

Mollbar Chondrim (Helen D'Cruz & Hemant Kumar):

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