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Nachom-ia Kumpasar bags Dadasaheb Phalke Film award
The widely-acclaimed Konkani film Nachom-ia Kumpasar, which depicts the life, times and musical brilliance of Chris Perry and Lorna, has picked up yet another accolade by winning an award at the 6th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-16 in Delhi on Saturday.

Recreating timeless Konkani songs for the big screen
Twenty timeless Konkani songs from the 60s and 70s are being brought alive on the big screen by way of the film "Nachom-ia Kumpasar".

The Goa Groove
Filmmaker Bardroy Barretto's debut film Nachom-ia Kumpasar is being hailed as a masterpiece by critics, but Barretto is not taken in by the accolades coming his way.

Dancing with the stars of yesteryear
On December 4, over eight hundred people trooped into the Ravindra Bhavan in Margao. They seemed excited, and justifiably so.

Nachom-ia Kumpasar is worth the watch, twice over
If you're looking for a film that celebrates old Goan music, if you're looking for something that gets you nostalgic about the good old days, and if you're looking for a movie with a strong Goan connection, then you've hit a goldmine. Nachom-ia Kumpasar has everything and more.

Hello, Lorna
Konkani singer Lorna Cordeiro is back in the news with a controversy triggered by a film on her life. Reena Martins meets the reclusive crooner.

The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You! - By Dr Oscar Rebelo (Review of film Nachom-ia Kumpasar)
This is it! Phew, you could knock me down with a feather, as I trotted out after viewing Nachom-ia Kumpasar (let's dance to the rhythm), a new age Konkanni film, that pushes the envelope in a hitherto unseen energetic, effervescent and electric manner.

Goa's Got Talent
The opening scene of the Konkani period film Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Lets Dance to the Rhythm) itself gives away that we have a blockbuster on our hands.

Goans, Films, and their worlds – Putting Nachom-ia Kumpasar in context
I am always afraid when I go to watch a film that features Goa or Goans, because of the host of problems that plague their representation. These problems were more than painfully obvious in the recent films Finding Fanny (2014) and The Coffin Maker (2011).

Sorgak Pauxi!
I guess we all regard our childhood years with rose-tinted glasses. But growing up in an unspoilt Goa in the 1970s was a real privilege. And it is hard to recall those wonderful years without an accompanying soundtrack: the music of Chris Perry, sung inimitably by the one and only Lorna.

Celebrating music, celebrating Goa
On weekends, and some other days, quietly and without much fuss, a house-full audience sits to rapt attention in Panaji or Margao, watching a charming story of Goa. Like many of its films, books, magazines and long-playing records, this story of Goa is crafted via the diaspora, in Mumbai.‘Nachom-ia Kumpasar’ calls itself “a tribute to the unsung musicians of Goa”. It came in from the fringes and slowly started gaining attention.

BARDROY BARRETTO – A Cinematographer, Editor and Director
“Since childhood I wanted to be a Cinematographer,” affirms film-maker Bardroy Barretto about his debut film Nachom-ia Kumpasar - a Konkani musical feature film that takes you on a nostalgic journey to the 1960 & 70s using 20 timeless Konkani songs. A tribute to the forgotten Goan musicians living in Bombay, who put the swing into the country’s jazz and the Bollywood music scene.

Morning You Play Different, Evening You Play Different
Chronicler Naresh Fernandes tells the story of how Chris Perry and Lorna met and how rhey blazed a trail across the music scene. A fascinating and informative read.

Tale Of A Scarlet Fever
Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet, specifically Anushka Sharma’s character, Rosie Noronha, is a tribute to Lorna Cordeiro, the Konkani jazz singer, who ruled Bombay’s club scene in the ’60s, crooning her way into many a heart at evenings at Venus.

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